The Designer

"The essence of good design is that the scheme created belongs to the property and complements the lifestyle or business image of the client."

The words Interior Designer makes some prospective clients apprehensive.

They feel that:-

  • "It's bound to be expensive"
  • "We can't afford it"
  • "I don't want that done-up look"
  • "I want to choose, I don't want someone else to do it for me".

My job as an Interior Designer is to assess the clients' requirements, translate the clients' concepts and deliver, with the client, a personalised, integrated scheme.

Scale of design is extremely important - small and safe can be extremely dull - and part of an interior designers job is to perhaps 'push' the client into hitherto unknown territory. Scale of pattern (or not), is another extremely important area in design - to get the correct balance of small scale design against large scale design, bold colour against soft colour and mixed textures, all help to create a room that is totally personal.

Having created the 'backdrop', then placement of furniture, pictures, mirrors etc. is of vital importance to the atmosphere of the home. All this is through the Interior Designer's knowledge of the Design Industry, knowing what is available, at what price and where - and the Designer's ability to interpret the clients' ideas and translate them into the style and ambience required and all importantly the correct balance of lighting to complete the scheme.
The home is the most important aspect in peoples lives - attention to detail, quality and friendly, helpful advice is something upon which Argyle Interiors' business has been built over the past 21 years.